Michelle is a multi-media artist living in Canada. Originally from a small northern town in Saskatchewan, where she honed the fine art of icicle eating and snow fort building, Michelle now calls Vancouver Island home. After earning an Honours Degree in Indigenous Studies and Psychology, she traveled for many years, surfing and discovering her deep connection to the sea. From Central America to New Zealand, Indonesia and South Africa, each distinct culture evoked an awakening to a universal sense of interconnectedness. Holding fast to these gathered experiences, it wasn't until she had her two children that Michelle discovered she could express these ideas with paint.

Inspired by her current home's location near the Salish Sea, Michelle’s work explores the mutable abstract landscapes of the seaside. Informed by her deep connection to the natural world, her work captures organic forms, lines and textures that invite ease and contemplation. Characterized by vivid washes of color and natural shapes stitched together with intuitive mark making, each piece represents a dialogue of interconnectedness to the landscapes and people around her.

You can find Michelle's work in private collections across North America and Europe and featured in Create! Mag. You can follow her daily progress on Instagram. 

Artist Statement

My work is a visual narrative of my connection to the surrounding seascapes and the dynamic evolution that is the natural world. Intrigued by the unpredictable nature of watercolour and ink, I love to lose myself in the process and not always control the outcome. I work from spontaneity and intuition to explore a variety of compositions from molecular worlds to the expansive rocky topography that surrounds us on Vancouver Island. Colours intersect and blend as the script while mark making becomes the work's punctuation. Working from observation and quiet contemplation, I strive to reveal my own interpretation of island life.